About Us

We are a small company based out of Dayton Ohio that believes in a smokeless future. We are passionate about vaping and want to inspire the next generation to live a healthier and longer life. Our business was founded to supply the finest parts to the few that are passionate enough to want to build something of their own to vape. Currently we are small but connecting with our customers on a personal level is well worth it.

We saw a need for an easy to assemble box mod where the parts and suppliers could be trusted, and we have started our venture to make that a reality. Here you can find any parts you will need to assemble your own do it yourself box mod. All of our products have been tested and used daily on our own box mods. Our goal is to continually improve the quality of experience for our customers, and your feedback is greatly appreciated. We’re hard at work to build something amazing, to help you do the same!

Questions and concerns contact us at sales@diyboxmodsupply.com