Building a BoxMod!

Welcome to DiyBoxModSupply, our goal is to provide all the parts, resources and support needed to build a BoxMod of your very own! We offer a wide variety of parts and continuously attempt to add more parts and resources to improve the experience here on DIY! Please do not hesitate to contact us at for questions comments or suggestions.



If you are reading this then consider this your exclusive invitation to join our squad of #vapers, #builders, #subohmers, #vapetermhereers. We cant wait to add new members to our squad its as simple as giving us a follow on any social network and then posting with #boxmodsquad. Our squad gets first look at our new products, technologies, and of course our private sales. We want our squad to succeed and in order to do so we will provide the necessary high quality parts to do so. Join the squad and be a part of this thing.